Facts of Ecuador

  • Ecuador is located in South America.
  • Today, the country deals with active volcanoes.
  • The South American country is diveded into four regions; coast, sierra, jungle, and The Galapogos Islands.
  • Ecuador is half the size of France making it the smallest of the Andean countries.
  • The country is located right on the equator.
  • The country borders the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Ecuadorian people are 7 t 10 percent Indigenous, 78 percent Mestizos, 11 percent Criollos, and 5 percent African.
  • Peru and Ecuador have a history of boundary conflicts.
  • Ecuador suffers from damage to its rainforest from, rivers, and indigenous way of life due to the exploit of oil.
  • Through damaging to the enviornment oil has significantly impacted postivly the economy of Ecuador.
  • Ecuador was the first country in South America to grant women the right to vote though slow in adopting the right into the Ecuadorian culture.

  • More facts to come.....
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